I Tried It: DIY Glow Planters. Here’s How It Went.

DIY Glow Planters

So, aesthetically-motivated personage, perhaps you, too, have been enticed by the very many beautiful Do-It-Yourself glow-in-the-dark flower pots and planters and pavers and pebbles.

So, perhaps you, too, have sprung the $7.95-ish in American dollars for a can of Rustoleum Glow spray paint, cleaned the sides of your old, manky flowerpots (not the bottoms, though, because you, personage, do not waste time or paint) and double-coated them. I mean, the Internet told you it would work, so what could possibly go wrong?

Well, if any of us had found this article on the Don't Pin That website (preferably before we had purchased paint, sprayed it, dried it, and sprayed it again), we would have realized that the inspiration photos cluttering the Home and Garden project digital world were (and this is key): not made with glow-in-the-dark spray paint.

I could tell you that it didn't work, which would be true. I could tell you that I was ready, fellow personage, to head back to the superstore and grab myself a can of Rustoleum Glow Max paint ($15-ish American dollars) and try, try again.

And, I might, but this time I will expect only the faint glow of inexpensive phosphorescent rubbery plastic toys of my long-past youth and not magically illuminated Harry Potter pots.

But what I'm really going to (maybe) do, is skip that plan and just use my fifteen-dollar glow budget for glow-in-the-dark landscaping pebbles. That I did not DIY.

Glow in the Dark landscaping pebbles

There are approximately a million places selling these online (Google is your friend). And if they don't glow? You can send them back.



3 thoughts on “I Tried It: DIY Glow Planters. Here’s How It Went.

  1. I think the problem is that you needed to use the brush on style glow-in-the-dark paint. Everyone knows you can’t spray your way to happiness….. you have to brush happiness on…… geese……


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