Sound Familiar? By Ojijaak

Factionalism and political squabbling among the members have rendered the legislative branch of government ineffective. The result of ineffectiveness is inactivity, continued debate, increasingly strident claims, misquotes, and accusation. At times, the inability to reach consensus leads to government closure.

The people have become frustrated with their representatives. There is civil unrest, and, in the most extreme cases, people are killing each other. Homelessness and financial ruin have become so familiar to the public that most have learned to defend themselves by refusing to “see” their less fortunate fellow citizens.

Political parties propagandize and often publish and repeat outright lies and outrageous accusations against one another. The executive is perceived as weak and only a figurehead representing nothing more than continuity as he spends what most believe to be the final months or years in public life.

There are several politicians seeking to succeed the outgoing regime. The national scene is one of continued campaigning. Among the many aspirants, none can garner the support of a majority, but a few learn that they gain followers if they raise the level of invective. The more outrageous the claim or statement of a candidate, the greater the exposure and acceptance.

Many citizens seek a bogeyman, a scapegoat, and some among the politicians are happy to oblige. Anyone who does not fit the pattern of accepted national identity is suspect, some are clearly traitorous. Political capital is realized by shrewd politicians victimizing minorities. Racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious intolerance have become the norm. Discussion of proposed laws aimed at restricting the freedoms of those who are different has become common in the public, and encouraged by the politicians.

Among the leaders of the various political factions, one emerges and, while many see him as a preposterous joke, many others are attracted to his messages promising something for everyone. He says that he will make the nation great again. He grasps the advantages of using new technology to assist in the distribution of his message. Like P.T. Barnum, he would feel that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Even some of those who can see through his half-truths and lies become his apologists and supporters.

Do you recognize the period and the person? Is this the time in which we are living? Am I ranting about the Donald again?

Well, yes. I suppose that I must be doing just that, but, in fact, I have related a few details of 1931-32 Germany, and a different politician suffering from terminal bad hair.

The most frightening aspect of our current campaign is looking back to 1932 and realizing that despite never receiving a majority of ballots cast, that funny-looking (illegal?) immigrant to Germany rose to absolute power, acted upon the lies and promises that he had made to make Germany great again, and, in the end, very nearly destroyed a great nation and a great people. Check my facts, check Mr. Trump’s facts, and then if you still feel that he is a proper and qualified potential leader… Well, I have to believe that you’re just a jackass.

These are the words of Ojijaak.


This post was originally posted at and is republished here with permission.



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