The “Go Back to the Dessert” #News, 23 May 2016

The use of quotations and citations does not imply endorsement of persons or ideas.


“How can it possibly be in our best interest to risk the clock being turned back to an age of competing nationalisms in Europe?” Prime Minister David Cameron, advocating for Team Stay and avoiding a “Brexit” (BBC)

…”If the policies that Donald Trump is proposing here — repealing NAFTA, putting a 35% tariff on goods overseas— happened, we’d see a recession not only in…countries like China and Mexico, we’d have a recession here, as well. So yeah, we should be worried…” David Gura (APM Marketplace, Washington Post)

“Nobody knows more about taxes than me, perhaps in the history of the world.” Presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump (HBO, Real Time with Bill Maher)

“I’m endorsing Hillary and all her lies and all her empty promises. It’s the second worse thing that can happen to this country. She’s wrong about everything but she’s wrong within normal parameters.” P.J. O’Rourke (HBO, Real Time with Bill Maher)

“[Hillary Clinton’s new “slogan” ‘Stronger Together’] is better than ‘not as high as Donald Trump’s unfavorable try numbers…” Robert Draper (NBC Meet the Press) And, admittedly, Stronger Together is more “for the people” than the previous Hillary-centric “I’m With Her.” About which, here; scroll to the bottom chunk of text.

This Number: Over 951 billion dollars. This is the amount of Americans’ current collective outstanding credit card debt. (U.S. Federal Reserve; APM Marketplace)

Final Results of the Most Recent Amos Poll:

Popular Opinion on U.S. Federal Poverty Line

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I’m With Cloyd:



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