13 May 2016: The “4 of 520” #News

This week’s title brought to you by the Great Barrier Reef, where only four of the five hundred and twenty reefs comprising the whole showed no signs of bleaching, according to scientists in a recent Australian study. (NPR; WAMU The Diane Rehm Show)


Quotes from the News:

“…Americans, I think, want us to solve all the problems and stay out of the way.” Chuck Todd, phrasing the inherent incongruity in many Americans’ opinions on US foreign policy (NBC; Meet the Press)

“The United States now spends eleven million dollars a day in its military operations in Iraq.” Robin Wright (APM Marketplace)

“I am a whiner. And I’m a whiner. And I keep on whining and whining until I win.” Presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. (HBO Real Time with Bill Maher)

“This is, psychologically, a difficult time for a lot of white males, especially the so-called Angry White Males. Why? Because those who don’t have great educations, and who aren’t in jobs which are growing, even though they may have started out ahead of those of you who are female and of different races, most of them are working harder for less money than they were making fifteen years ago.” President Bill Clinton. Speaking in 1995. (Panoply, Slate, The Gist podcast)

“In fact, in the last twenty years following the welfare reform the U.S. Has become known as the OPEC of plasma. Researchers actually connect some of this growth to the fact that there are very few ways to get cash assistance now and so selling plasma is a way to get cash when you don’t have cash welfare.” Krissy Clark (APM Marketplace)


May 21: the 141st Running of the Preakness Stakes (U.S.)

May 21: 4-8 p.m. Sudzfest, German Park, Indianapolis. (U.S.)

May 29: The 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 (U.S)

June 7: California Primary (U.S.)

June 11-12: Talbot Street Art Fair, Indianapolis (U.S.)

June 23: UK/British Referendum on So-Called “Brexit” from the European Union (Europe)


Currently: Amos is hosting a poll on Twitter. The topic is Federal Poverty Line. For 2016, the federal government has defined the poverty line at $11,600 for an individual. Is this a living wage (too high, too low, or Goldilocks?) Vote Here. And while you’re at it, Follow us on Twitter.

Recommended Viewing, ICYMI: CNN’s documentary series, The Sixties, is now on Netflix. (You can possibly rent and or Hulu it, too). It’s excellent. So check it out, if you haven’t already binge-watched it.

How to Win Facebook, A Photo:


Don't Tell Me How to Live My Life

The Lady or the Tiger? Who won…the guy who wrote the sign or the human who ingeniously captioned it? Either way, don’t leave dead hookers in the bathroom. (Live ones totally fine.)



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