The “Integrity Idol” News, 28 April 2016

Water scarcity

But hey, United States, there's this news: According to the U.S. Department of Education, in 2015, only 37% of high school graduates were assessed as college ready in the subjects of math and reading. (PBS NewsHour; U.S. DOE)

Quotes from the News:

“…when I was two years old, someone knocked on my door in the middle of the night and woke up my parents and they had to wake me up and give me something to drink, which was called the Lugol's solution, but we didn't know at the time exactly what that was. And they didn't offer any explanation to my parents other than there was some sort of environmental problem and your son, due to his very young age, has to drink it…After that, they disappeared because they had to distribute it to all other children. It was only for people who were very young because when you're young, your thyroid is unable to handle large doses of radiation…” Michal Huniewicz, who was living in Poland when the nuclear accident at Chernobyl happened in the Ukraine, 26 April, 1986. (PBS NewsHour)

“…some four billion dollars in earthquake aid pledged by several nations have remained largely unspent as factions fight over who should control how it is dispensed.” Fred de Sam Lazaro, reporting from Nepal. Political infighting, pocket lining, and gridlock have prevented money from reaching victims of the 2015 earthquake there. One year later, many are still living under tarps, tin, and in tents; even though there was international aid sent immediately to assist. And the seasonal monsoons will be there in a few weeks. (PBS NewsHour; BBC)

“…Somebody's going to be the 21st century clean energy superpower. It's either going to be China, Germany, or us. I want it to be us.” Presidential primary candidate Hillary Clinton (D-New York). (MSNBC)

Governor John Kasich (R-Ohio) is “a stubborn child who eats in a disgusting fashion.” Presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump (R-New York) (PBS NewsHour)

“Andrew Jackson, even by the standards of his time, was a rapacious, vicious demagogue…but Harriet Tubman was a true hero — virtuous, brave, saved a thousand souls in the face of daunting odds. Now, as a woman I assume her twenty dollar bill will be worth fifteen dollars and eighty cents of an Andrew Jackson twenty dollar bill…” Mike Pesca (Panoply; Slate, The Gist)

Trust Ted (and Carly!), Just Not So Much with the Interwebs, Maybe: Sure, Republican presidential candidate (and “Lucifer in the flesh,” according to former Speaker of the House John Boehner) Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina (newly-minted maybe VP pick) both had individually totally botched the interwebs portion of the presidential pageant, failing to secure the most obvious domains for their campaigns. See where Hillary's picture is captioned “the next president of the United States of America” and remember back to the day when Carly announced her candidacy but her name plus DOT org gave you frowny emoticons — 30,000 of them— one for each of the people laid off while she stood at the helm of HP).

Of course, now that Cruz and Carly have teamed up after a messy (and still-ongoing!) primary season, you'd think the Dynamic Duo would have this fancy internet stuff sorted. Right? No. leads to a donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and leads to Arizona Democratic candidate for state representative, Daniel Hernandez' site.

In the immortal words of Rick Perry, “oops.”

P.S. Indiana residents, don't forget to vote on May 3! Bring your ID. (Of course.) If you want to window-shop first, this voting guide from the Indianapolis Star is one place to start.

This week's title brought to you by Nepal, which actually does have a television show called “Integrity Idol,” in an attempt to find a public employee exhibiting, well, you know, and to hold the government accountable. One hopes the TV show will actually work soon.


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