The Progression of Bee-keeping. Or: the perfect damn lip balm. (Baker’s Batch No. 5)


The progression of bee-keeping

Prices range from $7.00 to $8.00. Choose 2 tins, 2 sticks, or one of each. The apiary leads to perfect lip balm.

This is potentially the most difficult review that I have written, to date. Sure, it's easy to write about a bourbon, to rage against a dusty vent at Harrah's or the failure of a Vegas buffet to have cotton candy when they said they would (they said they would!).

It's more difficult to explain how something like lip balm, locally made, three ingredients strong can be utterly perfect.

And it is.

You know how Clean Sheet Day (you surely understand how perfect that first night of sleep on freshly-cleaned sheets is, right?) is the most perfect sensation in the world?

Or how it feels to climb out of a swimming pool and wrap yourself in sun-warmed, bleached terry cloth towels?

Pure, honest, comforting. Clean.

Well…that's what Baker's Batch No.5 lip balm is like. Clean sheet day. Spa Day. Swimming pool day and the beauty of a warm towel.

It would be all Portlandia of me here to mention that this lip balm is hand-crafted from a local hive of bees from a backyard belonging to really nice people. It would be hipster-ish and millenial as all get out to say that this product has only three ingredients and is as pure as pure can be.

And yes, all this is true-blue, honest-Abe. But the fact is this: Baker's Batch No. 5 is just a really good lip balm.

For one, when you order Baker's Batch No. 5, your order comes dressed in a tiny, hand-stamped linen bag. It's adorable. If you order the lip balm tin, and you were a girl-child in the 1980s, you might remember (happily) the Village Lip Balm tins that existed back in the day, with their satisfying click as you shut them. Well, Baker's Batch No. 5 in the tin, is that kind of tin. It's as satisfying as ever.

The formula for both the stick and the tin versions of this lip balm is clean, smooth, and soft. It has a faint hint of peppermint in the scent; and it just feels really smooth and light on the lips. It's moisturizing, naturally anti-biotic and organic and tint-free, chemical-free, drama-free.

It's very difficult to find words for something that's simple. And simply right.

If the best things in life are free, the better things in life are surely simple. This three-ingredient, made with care lip balm is decent. Honest. Perfect. Simple.

So, check out the site or the Facebook page. In place of your next impulse purchase of SoftLips or ChapStick or Blistex or LipSmackers, order this. Enjoy the adorable bag it arrives in. Feel righteous that you're supporting a small, local endeavor and saving a colony of bees. But mostly, even if it were luxuriously wasteful, enjoy the fact that this simple little product is perfect as is. And it makes you feel good to use it. Like clean sheet day.

In lip balm form. Baker's Batch No. 5.

Have you ordered some yet? What are you waiting for? Simply perfect.



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