The “Fruits, Nuts, and Dates” News, 31 March 2016

Trump Town Hall/CNN transcript

From the CNN town hall 03/29/16 in which Anderson Cooper and Donald Trump discussed the suitability of nuclear weapons for Saudi Arabia, Japan, and South Korea (eminently suitable, according to Trump). And there’s this moment.


Other Words:

“It doesn’t matter what you do so long as you don’t frighten the horses.” King Edward VII (Erik Larson, Thunderstruck)

“Well, let me be clear. Donald Trump may be a rat but I have no desire to copulate with him.” Republican presidential primary contender, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) who is nothing here if not confusingly opaque: are there rats with which Cruz would copulate? Does copulate mean what Cruz thinks it means? (HBO, Real Time with Bill Maher)

“Now, therefore be it resolved that we, the members of the Missouri House of Representatives, Ninety-eighth General Assembly, hereby urge the members of the Missouri House of Representatives to use the word ‘fiscal’ instead of ‘physical’ when referring to fiscal matters.” House Resolution 1220

“I think Hillary Clinton saying that is about as much of a fiction as the crashed saucer idea.” Annie Jacobson, commenting on Clinton’s statement that, if elected POTUS, she will declassify and release information regarding Area 51. (BBC World Service)

“I think part of the problem right now is that Republicans are trying to act like [President Obama is] not really still president.” Democratic presidential primary contender Hillary Clinton (D-NY), in reflection on what used to be the four-year presidential term (MSNBC)

And, the Curious Case of the Guy Who Diverted an Egyptian Air passenger plane with nothing but moxie and a belt made of newspapers… (Or, as the Cyprian president Nicos Anastasiades phrased it: “Always there is a woman involved.”):

Ben Innes mugging with

Ben Innes with the forlorn Mr. Mustafa, erstwhile hijacker of EgyptianAir flight 03/29/2016.


Further regarding the hijacking: big, big kudos to Twitter for all the #LoveIsInTheAir jokes and “Roses are red, violets are blue, I hijacked an airplane, because I love you.” (I love Twitter.)


10 April – Scheduled ceasefire to begin in Yemen

11 June – Indiana Republican Convention (state), Indianapolis

23 June – British Referendum on so-called “Brexit” from the E.U.

18 July – Republican National Convention begins in Cleveland, Ohio.

25 July – Democratic National Convention begins in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Finally, with deep sadness and respect, please keep in mind the victims of the suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan on Easter Sunday. At least 74 men, women, and children have been lost in this attack.



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