The “Kurt Vonnegut Didn’t Say That” News, 03/24/2016

Iain Thomas quote. "Be Soft."

The quote is useful. It’s also NOT by Kurt Vonnegut. See this person’s gob-smackingly awesome post about it here. (It’s a good quote. Especially in The Terrorist Age.)

And…Quotes from the News:

“An Indy Star investigation of state records reveals about one-third of Indiana’s lead tests since 2013 were at or above 5 parts per billion— a level preeminent scientists have said is a potential health concern.” Mark Alesia, who also reports that Indiana ranks 22nd among the states for lead “exceedances” in water. (Indianapolis Star)

Donald Trump “insults the office Abraham Lincoln once occupied by running for it with less preparation than most of us would undertake to buy a sofa.” David Brooks (New York Times)

“Right now, we’re asking people to load up all their education in the front of life and pay huge bills with that and load up all their leisure time at the end of life, which may have worked in shorter lives but doesn’t work in this expanded version [with longer life spans]…what about being able to take five years of retirement and distributing it over the life course?” Mark Friedman (NPR/WBUR On Point with Tom Ashbrook)

“We white men…we are a declining breed: in number, in influence, in prestige. We have less than we used to have – yeah, more than any other ethnic group or gender- but less than before. And we know this…So what do we, as white men, really have left? Besides 472 out of 500 slots as CEOs of the Fortune 500; besides every roster spot in the NBA, NHL, NFL, and Major League Baseball; besides 80 out of 100 seats in the US Senate and 351 out of 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 90 out of 170 judges out of the federal Court of Appeals. Oh, and …5 out of 8 Supreme Court slots…” Mike Pesca (Panoply/Slate, The Gist)

“We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex), presidential candidate, referring to “Muslim neighborhoods” in the US. (MSNBC)

“Some stores don’t take cash and don’t have a credit card and the bank says there’s not enough plastic to make more.” Michele Suarez, Venezuela, who must resort to the black market to feed her family due to the financial crisis in that country. A 1.6 pound bag of rice costs two days’ pay. A can of milk costs one week’s salary. The average mark-up for food costs is 17% but some prices are going up to 200% inflation. Venezuela sells oil and only oil. If oil prices do not recover, Venezuelans will continue to suffer. (APM Marketplace)

The yield on the U.S. 10-year T-note has dropped to 1.88% as of 03/23/2016.

And, well, this picture is floating around the Internets:

A.) It should be noted that this was *NOT* posted as a joke. It was pro-Trump, like, for reals.

B.) Semi-colons. Some “editor” is unaware of the power of the semi-colon. Sadly.

C.) Inconsistent spacing with the exclamation points. Umm, the computer can fix that for you, Trump Supporter.

D.) No one is “destroying” Mr. Trump. Except, quite possibly, for the small woodland Tribble eating Mr. Trump’s head. But the Tribble can neither vote nor join Facebook, so doesn’t count.

E.) Still “on” the run-on sentences on this image. So crazy.

F.) Also, if you were truly pro-Trump, would you not pick a better image, like, in the face?

G.) Jesus made hyphens and em-dashes different for a reason. And between “Save America” and “Vote Trump” one of them belongs and one of them was used. A period would have worked as well.

If you love English and typography and editing and language, well, Trump is, perhaps, not the candidate for you. Or, the creator of this image is, well, not for you. It’s pretty terrible. I can’t believe it’s being retweeted and facebooked like it’s, umm, cool or right or neat.

It isn’t.



4 thoughts on “The “Kurt Vonnegut Didn’t Say That” News, 03/24/2016

  1. I’m a little confused by the NBA,NHL, NFL, and MLB statement ?????? Maybe I’m a bit confused about the term “Roster”……
    Perhaps us “white men” are not of the quality we once were, but we still do a few good things in this world. But not to worry, we seem to be quickly losing our high perch to the mighty and righteous underprivileged rising up to…….. never mind, i shouldn’t have said anything.
    Per usual, very good writing my dear.


    • I think the point was just that the highest levels of professional sport don’t include women on the teams. I don’t think inclusion of women and minorities is a denigration of white men. Just my opinion.
      But not a lot of writing from me here, you know. It’s the quote digest. 🙂


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