Hello, Spring. Happy to See You.


Vintage greeting card

American Greetings, Laurel, 1978.

I’ve always wanted to use a flower as an umbrella. Maybe this is the year that can happen.

Otherwise, looking at this illustration from 1978, I long for the days when little girls could be pleased by fairies that looked like, oh yes, little girls. Holly Hobbie is a tramp now and Strawberry Shortcake has been made positively trashy. The Disney Princesses are clearly out of control. And My Little Pony has been pseudo-humanized, Manga-eyed, and Bratz-ified  (the “z” alone tells you everything you need to know about that).

There was a time when kids could be kids and some of their toys even were relatable (never, of course, Barbie, who was aspirational but not and never real) as “things of childhood.” Maybe it was a simpler time with less tech, bright colors, and innocent daydreams. And maybe, like Spring and the every-twenty-year revamp of fashion, well, maybe rounder faces and proportional eyes will come back to childhood.

Or not. Either way, enjoy the now-old-fashioned fairies of Spring. If you can’t let a smile be your umbrella, try a flower. According to fairies, they work quite well.


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