If Cupcakes Had Wings

Flying Cupcake cupcakes

We Love Cake.


We here at Amos aren’t sure if gourmet cupcakes are still a foodie trend or not or if they’re slowly fading from the Super Hot Radar of popularity (hello, Sriracha, bourbon-everything, bacon, and kale). Sure, we could have googled it but we took a gander at the big box of cupcakes dropped off at the office and decided we couldn’t care less about trends and such because…Look! Cake!

We’ve got to hand it to the bakers at the Flying Cupcake: they make beautiful, substantial, rockin’ cupcakes that are practically the size of small children (a.k.a. One Serving) and they package them in beautiful, old-timey pink boxes. The box alone makes these cakes seem special: these ain’t pissy little grocery store cupcakes in their plastic insignificance.

They taste special, too, just ask the staff: blueberry cheesecake was “Mmmmm!” The chocolate chip was festooned with a cookie on top (ehrmegerd, it’s a cookie and a cake at the same time!) and was said to be “oh” (in a good way). The vanilla got a literal thumbs up; the cheesecake and double-fudge whatever the hells created Tennessee Williams style swooning. But the hands-down staff favorite was the red velvet cupcake: red and rectangular as a brick. But with sprinkles and cream cheese frosting and that bizarre combination of gooey and air-pocket that makes cake, well, you know…cake.

The Flying Cupcake has six locations in the greater Indianapolis area and we’re fans because the only thing better than cake is really good cake. And while some of us have been known to say that cupcakes are inadequate, well, Flying Cupcakes are anything but (seriously, the size of small children). So, while they’re a little more expensive than the ones your Mom made or bought to take into parties when you were a kid, these are more special, too. They’re totally pink-box-worthy.

They don’t really fly, though. Not even if you throw them. But that’s okay, because…”mmmmm.” (Swoon.)

The Flying Cupcake Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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