The Crusader’s Map of Las Vegas

By Michelle Railey
Paris, Venice, Luxor, Treasure Island

In the Middle Ages, the Crusaders often traveled from Western Europe, passing through Paris and then south and east to re-supply at Venice (where they paid dearly for supplies, incidentally). And then, by ship, they sailed eastward to meet the Saracens. Sometimes they brought plague with them. Sometimes they stopped in Turkey to savage Constantinople: booty is all and, for knights, it did not always matter who was Christian and who was not. But then, on to Cairo and Egypt.

It’s a trek which can be recreated in Las Vegas. Happily, one need not suffer plague or scurvy or sea-sickness. One need not choose religious sides or fight the rats on the ship or watch as the leader of the whole thing drowns while swimming (Frederick Barbarossa!). One need not fight anything except the urge to mug for Our Lady of the Perpetual Vegas Casino Black Dome Video Recorders.

Crusade on through Vegas: from Paris to the Venetian, Treasure Island and thence to the Luxor. You have permission to skip Excalibur as they get everything wrong. (See the actual Carcassonne in France on which part of the Excalibur is based? Excalibur is like Tom and Jerry visit Robin Hood. Everyone loses; the only thing that place gets right is the lead crystal in a couple of the doors. It’s frankly ghastly and, for having such a cool theme and ruining it, it deserves to be skipped.)

Try not to sack anything. And watch out for the plague.



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