Las Vegas By Number, Volume 4

 Vegas 4 2015

a.) This light fixture at Caesar’s Palace brought to you by Jolly Rancher Sour Apple. Or a jellyfish of some kind. It’s that one from Biology in 7th grade. What kind of notes did you take that you don’t remember?

b.) The Great North American desert (one of ’em.) As seen by Row 12, window seat.

c.) Flamingos in plaster. At the Flamingo. (Go figure.)

d.) That enormous ferris wheel in Vegas, reflected in the windows of the Flamingo’s Habitat. Very relaxing. In rainbow colors, cool spectrum.

e.) Thank god. I’ve been looking for my umbrellas all day and there they are, dangling from the ceiling of the Bellagio. Hand-painted flowers on upside-down umbrellas are poignant in ways I can’t begin to explain. Thank you, Bellagio, for beauty and poignancy in a glorified shopping mall (“arcade,” smirk). I love this. So much. There’s something in an umbrella that can break one’s heart; fortifying at the same time. “Only the rain has such small hands.”



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