Las Vegas By Number, Volume 2

Vegas 3



















1.) S’mores. As told by Las Vegas. (Fulton Hall Food Market, Harrah’s)

2.) My little pony. At Caesar’s Palace. (Also, there’s a guy back there on the roof. Don’t jump!)

3.) You haven’t lived until you’ve kissed a guy while under the aegis of the Eiffel Tower. Or a reasonable facsimille of. (The tower, not the guy. Please pick a real guy. Preferably one you know, but no judgment.)

4.) Good kitty. (Caesar’s)

5.) My Big Fat Glass Candy Garden. Very Seussical. Very watermelon and lemon drop Big Rock Candy Mountain. Probably Chihuly, though, and glass. So DO NOT EAT.

6.) Night Circus.

7.) Everything beautiful Dale Chihuly ever made and then stuck on the ceiling of the Bellagio. Perfect. Also glass, so again: do not eat. (a. you need a ladder and b. the management gets super pissed when you try. I don’t advise attempting it. #LessonLearnedTheHardWay #Oops)



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